naja ankarfeldt

Kinetic body sticks

The Kinetic body sticks-project by Naja Ryde Ankarfeldt 2015, started out with one small block of foam, and a piece of double sided tape. I cut the block into a lot of smaller parts, still keeping them together. Hereafter I taped this created structure directly onto my skin, and recognized something very interesting. When moving my fingers the small parts stuck onto my hand would move from the underlying mussels. From even the smallest movements invisible to the eye, the height of the sticks enlarge the tiny movements and move the entire structure like waves. When placed on the neck the sticks are moved synchronized with the voice and action of Adam’s apple. And like that different sections and muscles of the body causes different kinds of effect on the structure. I think it is interesting to research the materiality of the body and how to pay attention to and study the anatomic movements: how do I move my own finger in the first place. The functionality of the anatomical body is so familiar to its owner and taken for granted, that it can be hard to recognize and study the amazing machinery we move around. When having this structure of alienated sticks stuck to your body it suddenly becomes easier to pay attention those moving sticks since they are not an integrated part of you. And it now becomes possible, from an objective point of view to focus on the thrilling anatomic motions. The flexibility of the structure is made possible from the several parts that affect one another and appears to be a connected material or organism. It is the spaces in between the separated parts that allow the movement. I have been experimenting with a broad range of different shapes, sizes, tools and materials. The construction is quite challenging, and I been around different solutions for making the sticks balance, making the structure light enough to remain upright, how to glue them to the material, whiteout gluing them together, how to connect them to the body and so on. The project is still ongoing and will be presented as a part of my graduation project later the year.

01Anajaankarkineticstickscopy04najaankarkineticstickscopy 03najaankarkineticstickscopy 01najaankarkineticstickscopyImage documentation by Alexander Benjamin Vinther, Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou, Cocky Eek, Nanda Milbreta, Ingrid Eel and Naja Ryde Ankarfeldt