Research at the Tactile Research Lab

At the Tactile Research Lab we consider research to be a creative endeavour targeted towards producing and sharing new knowledge. We will ask you to document results from the early beginnings of the process, so others can follow your tracks, be inspired, intrigued, informed, as well as avoid making the same mistakes. Documentation (in text, image, video, blog or any other media) is a crucial element of the process. As knowledge is produced along the way, not only at the end of the trajectory, the process and its documentation are necessarily a part of the ‘creative work’. Research requires a slightly more disciplined process of creation, because instead of being judged on your final work, your whole process becomes ‘the work’.

New knowledge can emerge in many different ways. e.g. from a comparative survey of existing knowledge, whereby you find new connections, or point at gaps that need further research. Or you can produce it by for example asking yourself an interesting question, finding that no one before you has managed to find an answer, think of different ways in which you could answer it, set up experiments, document them and make your results available (both positive and negative). Or you can plunge yourself into a situation, unsure of what you’re looking for, look for patterns (of forms, behaviours, information…); once you found the most interesting patterns, you can do something with them (write up your findings, you can visualize them, make something to map, influence or change them, use them as inspiration for a design…). There are many methods that you can use to research something. However, it is the most interesting for everyone to come up with your own methodology for producing new knowledge.


Thought this might be interesting for some – very easy to make open
source material recipes made from locally abundant nutrients ->

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