Daily Odors Experiments

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Clara Lozano Carrasco: “The inspiration for my research was based on the idea of how odor affects our personal live. I’m very interested on how some of our hygienic habits can transform our persona and how much unaware  we are. Specifically, I’m very triggered with the smells we carry in our body, the ones we are not so conscious of their effect in our behaviour, like the smells we find in body soaps, creams, shampoos, cleaning products, etc. For many years a big majority of the human species has been using strong fragranced hygienic products in daily bases. If we consider the human body as a plastic (from plasticity) material, as a place of adaptation to the environment we could also ask our-self’s: is the human odor and behaviour being adapted to this extended use of synthetic smells?  And here are some of mmy experiments….”

The next step on my dailyodors experiments is to extract my own body odor. Therefore, I started to use the products on the picture, Shampoo and Shower Gel without Perfume, so when I try to collect my sweat I make sure it is not influenced by other odors. I’m using them for a week now. Actually, it’s amazing to don’t be walking around with some random coco, almond, flowerish fragance on my skin.

Experiment 5: Skull and Odour
How to extract body and skull odor. After publishing the following postin my blog, I’ve got several smell donants.I’m working on extracting different body odors, directly from my body. However, I think it would be very interesting if someone else would like to extract some of your smell! Would be someone up for it? It’s quite simple, that’s what I would need from you:1. Skull odor: I will give you 10 silk or wool textile patches which you would need to scrach your head every day for a week and keep them in a sealed plastic bag. For that I would need you to don’t wash your hair for that week. Also not use any perfume. and/or2. Sweat odor: do you do any sports? Or are you up for a run? I will give you some textiles to put around your armpits and a sealed plastic bag. The only thing you need to do is sweat a bit while your are wearing the textiles and afterwards just put them on the plastic bag and close it. We could do this run in a little group if more than one would like to! Please send a mail to if you are interested on donating your odor.
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“So I’ve got back the silk and wool textile patches from my donors, then I was able to destillate the smell that was in them. For that I build up my own home made destiller “

Experiment 6: DIY home made destiller
You need:
-A pressure pot
-Few meters of silicone hose
-Pot with cold water (or 5L water bottle)

1) I’ve filled the pressure pot with some water (not too much) and then add the textile patches.

2) Then I placed the silicone hose in one extreme to the pressure valve so that the vapor is recolected.

3) Later I placed the house in the cold water of the second pot, so that the vapor can condesate and be realized in liquid state at the end of the hose.

Experiment 7: making a smell dispenser
I’ve also have been working on a smell dispenser inpired in medical technology. That way I managed to be able to control how to spread smells in a composition in time. During the tactile lab my classmates have been trying out how the machines works.

complete research: experiment 1 -7: Clara Lozano Carrasco, Tactile Lab 2013
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