Microscopic Cooking


Tactile Research’s open lab at the TransNatural exhibition, 24 march 2011, 17:00 -20:00 hour. De Verdieping/Trouw ,Amsterdam. www.transnatural.nl

The crew of TC-Lab made incredible edible thin slides in the downsized kitchen of the Incredible Shringking Man at the Transnatural Exhibition. Under the lead of our small-sized chef de cuisine Aki Tekeda we will zoomed in the aesthetics of the incredible edible thin slides which first were projected before being eaten. To travel even deeper into the gastronomic worlds, we made a set up for live culinairy microscopic  cooking. The cooking processes were screened in the form of a cinema for the downsized fishes in the aquarium of The Incredible Shrinking Man.”

Micro Hackoscopy

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On the 10th of march 2011, Tactile Research Lab and Code-lab collided to build cinematic microscopes. Nenad Popov lead a masteress workshop in building  our own cinematic microscopes, inspired by the principles of Anthony van Leeuwenhoek. Within less then 2 hours everybody managed to have build their hackoscope made from old or new webcams. The principle is simple; just turn the lens up side down; and all it wants is to zoom in. To get a sharp focus, the precise pneumatic forces of 2 connected syringes were used (a small and a big one). Soon every body was playing “alive” with their cinematic microscopic movie. Most inspiration for footage was taking out of the dirty pond of the ackademy’s inner yard; a wonderfull bactery-soup. For some of us it was aswell the first time we got in touch with Max SP, myself included, and I am so excited. Lets play on in the wondrous  fields of the Tactile and Coded worlds, we have not finished yet.

topics Nenad touched on in his talk were amongst : laser microscopy, dark field microscopy, the eel vieuwer from Anthony van Leeuwenhoek http://lensonleeuwenhoek.net, DIY Biology: http://hackteria.org