Eucariotic Punk at the Lighthouse Festival, Korzo


Guided by the idea of the live cinema in its truest sense, Nenad Popov and Klaravat developed methods for growing specific kinds of living matter directly on 16mm film loops: mostly friendly species of fungi like moulds or yeasts.
The biological processes transform the film while it is playing in the projector. This results in an incredible variety of evolving landscapes composed by often unexpected assortment of textures, patterns and colors which, removing the spectator from the real world, let his subconscious free to fall into a dream.
They created a gratifying environment where not just the moving image will seduce the audience but the mechanical sound and structure of the projectors.

During the festival Lighthouse, 15th of March 2012 at the Korzo Theater (, The Hague, Nenad Popov and klaravat showed their grown mouldy films in a installation form.



complete research process of Eucariotic Punk:

Growing Mouldy Films

Uldy inspired around the theme of manufactured landscapes, Clara Lozano and Nenad Popov have been investigating the possibilities of making a film using biological processes. Films were produced by growing the molds appearing from food (milk, tomato, etc) directly on 16mm film.
The results are abstract film compositions of colors, patterns, textures and sounds where each piece is unique and even evolving during the reproduction in the 16mm film projectors.

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The process: 

After wondering around how to experiment with film in a way that could be or become a performative material which is able to evolve over time we come with the idea.
 We are going to grow molds in 16mm film!

After recovering the wooden structure, that we are going to use to place our materials, with plastic foil for kitchen use, we can start pouring our ingredients.

1. Tomaten puree
2. Vole Yogurt (with blue food colorant)
3. Kookroom
4. Milk with green colorant

The wooden rail with the covered film needs to be covered with plastic around.

After one week some molds have grown on the film. We remove the film from the plastic where is quite stuck.

We clean the wood structure to place the film back, this time without the plastic. It needs more time! Nevertheless, it’s very stinky!

One week later:


After one more week:

The ingredients are now completely dry and molds have grown even more. The film needs to be removed again from the mold rail.
It doesn’t smell that bad anymore!
I have some doubts about the molds opacity, would the projectors light go through them?
After one more week we can start thinking on trying out the films for the first time!
The film holes are covered by mold, so we remake them by using some edged object.
Film is ready to be played in Eiki!
First try out was a great surprise:

full research of Nenad Popov and klaravat can be found at