Tactile Research Lab

is  a very hands-on lab of the Artscience Interfaculty of the Royal Conservatory and the Royal Academy in The Hague (NL). The lab  is dealing with all sorts of physical structures, operating in the interstitial spaces between artistic and scientific, grown and built, physical and digital worlds. The lab aims to stimulate the participants to navigate these worlds in their own way and offers a place for synesthetic and playful exploration. During the year one can  focus on various topics such as; micro-words, wearables, lightweight structures (e.g. inflatables) and bio-grown or bio-engineerd structures, etc.  In all these matters, the lab will encourage you to think in whole systems and cycles. You are asked to formulate your own ideas or vague concepts and evolve it in a work,  Trial and error play an important part in the process and is rewarded over results.

Outputs of the lab are amongst presented at Salone Internationale del Mobile – Milano [The Candy-Cotton-Clouds installation, 13- 18 april 2010}. Van Gogh Museum [ part of  “Paul Gauguin, doorbraak naar de moderniteit”  23 april 2010 – Amsterdam], TransNatural exhibition [24 march 2011, 17:00 -20:00 hour. De Verdieping/Trouw Amsterdam] Amsterdam, Korzo Theater  [The Lighthouse 13-17 march 2012 The Hague] , Habitat – Amsterdam,

The labcoach of the Tactile research lab is Cocky Eek

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