What to do with cow bladders

leaking cow bladderbladder 3
the above documentation from Luke Boorman shows a very fast and constructive hands on research session that revolved around the potential for bladders to be used as an artistic medium we started of a series of very fast and playful experiments whereby we reflected on the bladders as objects in themselves but also tried to construct new was of viewing them starting by blowing them up with a bike pump, we exposed them to sunlight, used them as bouncing balls, stretched their membranes, filled them up with water suspended them from the ceiling where they span around and leaked their water contents,placed pots and pans underneath them turning them from a object of biological function into a bizarre organ-instrument which we found to be cerebral and captivating, from here i was able to take this project further by creating an installation of many bladder organ-instruments which built up a composition from their collective leakage.

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