collective screaming

luke screaming exercise screaming  luke 2

This mini project was initiated by an assignment provided to me which simply had to be a performance which involved screaming, i was interested in different types of screaming and the reasons as to why we scream be it for aggression, aggravation or pain  i asked the group for help and we decided to complete a warm up whereby we would scream in a collaborative group exercise from this an number of different attempts were made for example we walked around screaming at each other or individually peoples lone screams prompted others to scream and a collaborative chorus was made  other iterations included organising the group into a giant circle, where we lay on our fronts facing each other, we would scream in unison after a que, similarly we also completed an iteration on our backs again in a circle screaming in unison  The most interesting thing which came from these mini experiments was how a collaborative an deliberate act of screaming changed the atmosphere in the room on an individual and group level after the exercises there was a sense of calm relief intact many members of the group found themselves to
be extremely relaxed. the whole process was humorous and enjoyable and was a total re-appropriation of, and distinct change to the situations people usually scream i.

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